City Government
Mayor : Jacob Harris • Now Hiring for the following: Senator, Government Security Guard, Politician, Economics Advisor, Transportation Advisor, Utilities Advisor, and Tourism Advisor.

Law Enforcement
• Now Hiring for: Police Chief, Police Officer, S.W.A.T. Chief, S.W.A.T. Officer, Detective, and Bomb Squad.

Health, Hosptial, and Paramedic
• Now Hiring for: Paramedic, Ambulance Driver, Doctor, Nurse, and Medical Rescue team member.

• Now hiring for: Teacher, Bus Driver, Proffessor, Principle, President, and Janitor.

Market and Sales
• Now hiring for: Salesperson, Street Vendor, Fast food employee, Average Restaurant Employee, and Fine Cuisine Employee.

• Now hiring: Illegal firearm Dealer, Pickpocket, Rookie Thief, Average Thief, Professional thief, Hacker, Arsonist, Mercenary, and Assassin.