General RulesEdit

  • Do not tease, swear, harass, cyberbully, or sexually harass in any form whatsoever.
  • Do not Roleplay characters you create until an admin approves it.
  • Do not Roleplay other user's character's without their permission.
  • Do not create sexual content whatsoever.
  • Do not spam on the chats, forums, or in comments.

Roleplaying RulesEdit

  • When Roleplaying, or RPing for short, if you have to say something else that's not a part of the Roleplay, please type it in parentheses. For example: (I g2g)
  • Because the wiki is based off real life, the fact remains that characters are not allowed to have unrealistic powers. Small powers that do not affect others may be allowed, after permission. Making any powers without admin's consent will result in serious consequences.
  • Please respect all fellow users, and more importantly, the admins. The admins do hard work to keep the Wiki running and letting everyone have fun.